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Shock Society 2024

Unveiling Novel Mitochondrial CpG-DNA Sequences for Trauma Immunotherapy

Harvard Symposium 2024

Untamed Immunity: Using “Dirty” Mice as a New Paradigm for Translatable Trauma Immunology Research

Shock Society 2023

Functional mass cytometry (CyTOF) shows perturbed phosphosignaling phenotypes in neutrophils and monocytes in whole blood from sepsis patients

Society for Leukocyte Biology 2022

Treg enrichment in a mouse injury model restores immune responses and survival to bacterial infection by modulating inflammation and organ injury

Natural immune mice show immune phenotypes consistent with acquired trained immunity and will provide new opportunities for “transitional translational” research addressing human diseases

Paracrine factors from mesenchymal stromal cells mediate trained immunity by epigenetic and mTOR signaling pathway modifying effects on hematopoietic stem cells


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